Friday, October 02, 2015

IWU Friday Night Live Flashback tonight

Hoping to be able to go to the IWU FNL flashback tonight at 8:45 for homecoming. For a couple years, I did "Deep Christian Thoughts by Ken Schenck" fairly regularly, often with the help of Dan Steller and Dave Wingfield. I dug up a few old ones:
  • As I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, I thought, better run.
  • If you ever asked me who my favorite disciple was, you might think I’d say Peter. But you’d be wrong. It’s Abraham.
  • Everyone knows Jacob put hair on his arms to be like Esau, but few know about the fake mustache his mother made him wear.
  • Sometimes pastors are silly, like when my pastor took that hypnosis course. And all 5000 of us remind him about it every Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and on the Wednesday night service when we give 30% of our income to the church.
  • I think the last one I ever did was a "hip hop" translation of John 3:16....................

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