Monday, June 08, 2015

World Changing Discussions and Decisions

I forget what I was watching the other day that brought home to me how generally small a part of the world I am in. (Yes, yes, we are all equally valuable in God's sight. We all matter. We're all important. ;-)

I am actually just finishing one of the most significant roles I'll probably play in my life, maybe the most significant one in terms of impact. I helped start a seminary.

But I'm not going to be deciding the fate of the free world any time soon. And even the theological discussions of my world are, in the end, generally insignificant in the broad scheme of things. I don't know where the center of future thought is right now, but it is nowhere near my world.

So where do you think the world-changing discussions and decisions are taking place right now, the ones for the history books? A US President may make some of those kinds of decisions (going to war with Iraq, passing near universal health care). Are there any world-changing discussions even taking place in the universities and think tanks of the world right now? What will be the greatest new or re-presented old thought of this decade?

Where is the center of world thought right now, in terms of impact? If we were to be at the heart of the world's history of understanding right now, where would we be?

(P.S. I'm teaching all day so won't be able to participate in the discussion mucho.)


Pastor Bob said...

The U.S. Supreme Court this month,

Jake Hogan said...

It's not terribly sexy but I think that the discussions going on between the US, China, and India about climate change and carbon pollution will probably have the largest effect on the largest number of people over the next 80 years or so. Any outcomes will probably have little effect on Americans other than slightly higher energy prices (except for folks with Florida coastal condos!) but in the developing world the consequences will impact entire generations!

RDavid said...

Has the internet allowed the "place" to be global, rather than a specific geographic location?