Tuesday, April 07, 2015

World Languages

Started another novel Friday (that makes over 50 I've started). We'll see how many Fridays keep me writing. I only want to give glimpses, but the idea is a four novel sequence that stretches over the most fantastical college education a nerd destined to be a world leader could dream up. The idea is to dream up an astounding college education that would actually be possible to design and implement in a dream world.

So students in this secret society have to learn operational bits in many languages, but I identify five as key: English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese. Each of the four novels in the series would focus on one of the last four. And some of the action in each novel relates to the regions that speak each language.

If I continue to write on Fridays, you'll learn that the first novel is set heavily in Europe, and Spanish is the language the protagonist learns in the first novel. The society uses Latin as its base language, and there are key settings of learning in Bologna, Paris, and Göttingen, as well as Cambridge. Because of these settings, the protagonist will also learn operational bits of Italian, French, and German in the first novel.

The next snippet on Friday... maybe...

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