Sunday, March 08, 2015

Sweet Briar College

Events like this one are sad, a hundred years of stories that now will only survive in the memories of alumnae, a cache of historical documents, and a potentially idle property. Here's one person's suggestion for how to turnaround a place like this one.

Gobry's five points are spot-on. This place could be turned around if it dies enough to break its current parameters. That's always the formula for closing: a straight jacket set by the founder, a stubborn faculty, and a visionless administration.

So the all-women piece has to go. A hefty number of majors and faculty has to go. It has to go distance. I personally think bringing in enough technology to have virtual students from afar participate with those sitting in the classroom opens up the floodgates both in terms of faculty and students. Counter-incentives can be put in place for those who choose to come on campus.

He's right on having a target audience. He's right on focus and whittling down all the majors.

Easy-peezy. This college could be turned around in someone's sleep.

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