Tuesday, January 06, 2015

How to be a writer...

Hat tip to James McGrath for a link to this great article on being a writer. I have found a good deal of this article to be true for me. Here are the points where I "amen-ed."
  • I have written some fifteen books in the last four years, in large part by blogging every morning before work as a discipline. I have not managed to do this with academic books, however, and have struggled even to get one book finished.
  • I resonated with the sense that Deans and administrators had better write before they go to work. No matter what time I think I'll have during the day, whack-a-mole inevitably takes over.
  • I agreed with the four hour hangover. I have attempted my fair share of "all day" writing ventures, including over Christmas break. But I only really have about four good writing hours a day, no matter how much coffee I drink. 

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