Friday, January 09, 2015

Friday Novel: The Dream

Thomas and Sophia went to bed like any night, Tom a little later than Sophie. It might not have been peculiar for one to have the other in a dream. Only when they awoke did they realize that they had both had the same dream--a tad bit more unusual.

Of course it did not seem like a dream at the time. Nor did it seem unusual in the dream to have a visit from an angel.

Or rather, they happened upon the angel. They were were exploring the platform of their church--something they had never actually done while awake. There they stumbled on a door, which of course did not really exist. Indeed, they did not usually even hang around each other at church. A fourteen year old girl and a fifteen year old boy usually have quite different sets of friends.

In the dream, there was no question that they would open the door and proceed up the obviously misplaced spiral staircase. Round and round it wound, far too long in truth. When it stopped, they emerged onto a floor of wooden blanks and walls made of medieval stone. They hardly noticed that, while it had just been midday, they had emerged to night at the top of a cathedral tower.

Indeed, it was the blackest night they had ever seen. If they had been awake, they might have found the formless dark in front of the tower terrifying. But in this dream, they were both drawn to it. They walked to the edge of the tower and looked out at a mysterious emptiness.

"What do you think it is?" Tom asked his sister.

"I don't know. I've never seen anything like it."

"It's the way things were before God created the heavens and the earth," a startling third voice emerged from above. They turned to look up, where they saw a quite massive figure sitting on the roof. It was a grey gargoyle of stone with wings.

"How do you know?" Sophie asked.

"Because I was there," he answered with a chuckle...

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