Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Jewett's Romans Commentary

I was reading through Romans 10:5-13 in Robert Jewett's Romans commentary in the Hermeneia series last night. I was curious what a student would think of it. The footnotes are an impressive dazzle of references to scholars and ancient literature. The very first page is a dizzying presentation of issues relating to the original text. Although it is translated, the commentary is full with Greek words and comparative quotes, not to mention an extensive train of thought outline for these nine verses.

I don't know what I would have thought as a student. It is impressive work, a kind of definitive resource in one respect. I was able to follow it. I gained in knowledge from it.

I'm not sure though what to do with it or what a pastor would do with it. That's not what Hermeneia is designed to do, of course. It's goal is simply to clarify, in as advanced terms as possible, the train of thought of the text, not its significance. I highly value it personally.

What would be the value of a resource like this for you?

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