Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Novel (excerpt, chap 2)

As a discipline, a novel exerpt from this past week (meaning, last night ;-)

Excerpt from chapter 1
"We've got to do something," John said to Brad. "He's headed straight for Sarah."

Sarah was right behind a corner pillar, where the fourth floor walkway turned to the right, around the large open space in the center of the library. The young man with the gun was headed toward her.

"Yeah but he's coming right toward us too," Brad said. "We've got to get out of here." And with that Brad took off down the hall the opposite direction.

But John stayed. He was only going to get one chance at the guy with the gun, who would pass him as he headed toward Sarah.
Just as the young man passed by, John launched himself straight toward the gunman. A little startled, the man turned as fast as he could toward John with his gun. But John was already on him. He rammed into the man and, together, they both tumbled over the walkway wall and down four floors to the bottom of the library.

Sarah rushed as quickly as she could down the stairs to the bottom floor, where both John and the gunman lay on the floor. John had apparently landed on the other guy, who seemed to be dead. John was also hurt very badly, and Sarah rushed over to him.

"Why in the world would you do that?" she asked him, completely puzzled.

"You didn't deserve," he managed to get out.

"Deserve what?"

"T' die," he finished.

"But neither did you," she exclaimed in desperation. But he was now unconscious, or worse. She vainly looked around for someone to help. People were slowly emerging from hiding, surveying those who had not been so lucky. Looking down over the second floor railing, she spied Brad.

Suddenly she felt really foolish. She had invested so much time in Brad. He had seemed so strong, so much the man. But where had Brad been when she was in trouble? It was John, the one she hardly noticed, hardly thought about, who had come to her rescue...
That was the first novel. Well, it was really a short story I wrote for a class in high school. It's also the only story I ever finished...

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