Friday, October 03, 2014

Elizabeth Dole, World Changer at IWU!

I was delighted to see Elizabeth Dole inducted as this year's IWU World Changer. To me, she is something like a model of what a world changer should be. She was humble. She was thoroughly Christ-like in her perspective on life. And what a life of service to the world!

She spent most of her time talking about the godliness of her mother and grandmother. What stood out to me is her statement that she never heard a bad word about someone come out of her mother's lips. She never heard a complaint from her husband's lips about his injury from WW2 (he was the 1996 Republican presidential candidate).

In her service as Secretary of Transportation and Secretary of Labor, she championed people--how many lives did the seat beat and air bag laws save? She was President of the Red Cross. She is currently working with disabled veterans. As I sat there, I thought to myself, "She would truly have made a wonderful President" (she ran in 2000). I also thought, "I miss this Republican Party."

Kudos to IWU for an excellent World Changer this year, IMO!

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