Friday, June 27, 2014

Epistemology Classics (My Amazon Store)

I'm moving slow, but I created the first of several recommended works pages within my Amazon Store. I started a section called "Philosophy Classics" and its first subsection, "Epistemology" (the study of logic and truth). The idea is that, if a person understood the works in a certain category, you would have the equivalent of a master's degree in that content area. I hope to do pages on biblical studies, philosophy, classics, and maybe some in science too.

I started with the three most important works on epistemology (IMO) in the history of philosophy. Can you guess what they are?

P.S. You'll note that my philosophy book is down to $64 dollars.

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bradley davis said...

My imaginary list was very similar to yours. I didn't have Locke, but I had the others.

Are you including only moderns? I also included Plato's Meno and Republic and Aristotle's Posterior Analytics.

It seems like there should also be someone after Kant, but I'm not sure who. Maybe Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil?