Sunday, June 15, 2014

A raised cup of coffee to my Dad...

This is now my third Father's Day without Dad. Such a great Dad and a great man!  I raise my morning coffee to my father...

I think his favorite memory of his father, Dorsey, was him driving up to Kokomo, I think it was, in a blizzard to pick him up for Christmas his first winter in the Army.

He had the barest memories of his father's father, Samuel, since he was only 9 days away from his 8th birthday when Samuel died of an appendix birth in Kokomo, in the very hospital where Tom and Sophie were born. Dorsey led Samuel to pray the Sinner's Prayer in his hospital bed.

Dad also had good memories of his mother's father, Amsey, who lived in Camden, Indiana. He remembered running around their house, which I guess had a wrap-around porch or something. At least it had some fun nooks and crannies for a boy... and fun cousins like Herbert Mohler to play with.

If the connections I've made on are right, here's a Schenck style Matthew 1 genealogy:

1. This is the genealogy of Ken the Schenck, the son of Lee, the son of Dorsey.

2. Ken was the son of Lee Schenck, who was the son of Dorsey Schenck of Indiana.

3.  Dorsey was the son of Samuel and Samuel was the son of Henry, just west of Frankfort.

4. Henry was born of William in 1833 in Ohio. William was born of Garret in New Jersey in 1804.

5. Garret was born of Courtensius in 1777 and was right Dutch Reformed.

6. Courtensius fought in the Revolutionary War and was born of another Garret in 1751.

7. And Garret was born of Kortenius in 1725, all in New Jersey.

8. Kortenius was born of another Garret in 1702.

9. And this Garret was born of Roelof in New York in 1671.

10. And Roelof was born in Amersfoort in the Netherlands in 1620 of Martin Pieterse Schenck VanNydeck.

11. And Martin was born of General Peter VII Schenck VanNydeck in 1584.

12. And Peter was born of Dederick Schenck von Nydeck III in 1547 in Goch, Netherlands,

13. ... who was born of Dederick II in 1514 in Blyenbeck Castle, who was born of Dederick I in 1481.

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