Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What would you like this summer?

My current rhythm, if you haven't guessed, is the following:

Sunday: Theology in Bullet Points
Monday: Book review
  • Currently, How Jesus Became God
  • Upcoming: Rome
Periodically: Reading through Genesis and beyond

Friday: Something Science or Math
Saturday: Reviews of Grudem and N. T. Wright

Anything you're interested in talking about this summer?

1 comment:

Rob Henderson said...

How can a 50 something pastor who is currently out of ministry (due to back problems, surgery and recovery) be relevant to the Church and Community as we approach 2020?

When I get back into ministry, Lord willing, a year from now I want to pastor effectively. This next year my wife and I will be assisting in a very limited capacity but at the same time want to re-tool ourselves for one more run.

I have a friend who was in his mid-50's and struggled to find a church because of his age. How can guys and ladies like us avoid or overcome this? Not all of us possess the "Maxwellian Charisma.'

I enjoy your very thought-provoking posts. Thanks for considering my question.