Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wikipedia entry on the Geneva Bible

I took a peak at the Wikipedia entry on the Geneva Bible of 1560. It thankfully has at the top, "The neutrality of this article is disputed." If you read it, the article seems to have been written or doctored by an enthusiast.

Modernism wasn't entirely evil. It's true, no one is objective. But I'd rather get my information from someone who is at least trying to be Spock-like, not FOX News or MSNBC. Postmodernism has simply given a green light for institutions of information and learning to be premodern.

We need reference points that are thoroughly committed to evidentiary thinking, because the more presuppositional you are, the less you base your thinking on data. This is what educational institutions are supposed to be, places where the professors aim at objectivity based on evidence rather than partisan promotion.

I'm hoping the climate in America, at least among its thought leaders, will return to the goal of dispassionate observation. The current climate, which encourages magical thinking, will simply return us to the second world.

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