Sunday, October 13, 2013

Balancing the Proverbs

My pastor this morning preached on being excellent in your work. It reminded me of one proverb my father passed on in the form of, "Anything worth doing is worth doing right."  There's also I another proverb I heard on his lips more rarely, "Good enough for who it's for."

The great thing about proverbs is, as I think Steve Lennox has said, sometimes they're true.  And of course, sometimes they don't apply. Wisdom is knowing when to apply which or even when to preach which. One day begs for the call to perfection. Another begs for preaching against perfectionism.

It might be nice to preach some proverbs in pairs, two point sermons.  Point 1 gives the one side and point 2 the other.  Both are true.

Discernment is knowing when to use which...

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Susan Moore said...

Looking forward to soon reading your 2 point blogs on proverb pairs. The Book of Acts does end.
(I'm starting on my 'suggested list' now...)