Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wesley Seminary enrollment passes 400!

We were all a little surprised when the enrollment numbers for August rolled out at at the seminary: 401! Can you believe it?  At the beginning of our fifth year in business, Wesley Seminary has over 400 students.

Wayne Schmidt and our admissions team (led by Aaron Wilkinson), not to mention Joanne Solis-Walker over our Spanish MDiv, get the lion's share of the credit for this growth, chiefly from all the new connections they are making all the time. And it wouldn't stick if we didn't have such a stellar faculty, especially in their ability to teach online: Charles Arn, Colleen Derr, John Drury, Safiyah Fosua, Kwasi Kena, Lenny Luchetti, Bob Whitesel, and a cadre of talented adjunct professors (including a stellar cadre of Spanish adjuncts).

Many thanks to the Lord and to all the students who have entrusted themselves to this journey!

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Ken Schenck said...

For those interested:

Charles Arn - church health and revitalization, mission

Colleen Derr - congregational spiritual formation and ministry to children and youth

John Drury - systematic theologian

Safiyah Fosua - worship

Kwasi Kena - cross-cultural ministry

Lenny Luchetti - preaching

Bob Whitesel - missional leadership