Saturday, September 14, 2013

NT Survey at 12Stone

Many thanks to Robin Ritchie, Chris Huff, Dan Reiland, and all the wonderful people at 12Stone who set up and are participating in the new certificate program.  Chris Bounds blew the minds of his theology group, and I give all my admiration for the group who endured 10 hours of drinking from the fire hose of the New Testament with me.  Now we all go online for 8 more weeks to finish up.

12Stone is such an incredible church (Lawrenceville, Georgia)!  Just driving onto the main church campus and walking into its building brings peace.

If you live in the northeast Atlanta area, definitely worth worshiping at one of the campuses and one of the services!


Rick said...

I think you mean northeast Atlanta.

I hope 12Stone will start incorporating this deeper NT study into its regular sermons series, and thus start to get away from its regular "how to be a better...(parent, spouse, steward, etc...) type series.

Lisa M said...

As one of your students this weekend, I sincerely thank you for your time and knowledge. I can't stop sharing what I heard and learned with everyone I see. I can't wait to learn more! I appreciate your willingness to lead us!


John Mark said...

Been to 12Stone, my brother attends there on occasion. I would love to attend there if I didn't live 14 hours away, and if the music weren't literally about 95db (we checked with a pink noise machine) or better. Too loud for these old ears.

Ken Schenck said...

Great to be with you all Lisa. Thanks for "testing the mushroom" as we try to perfect the formula!

Carl Pfister said...

Amazing how the Lord works through PKs messages to bring so many people into a saving relationship with Christ. As a born-again believer, and having already been baptized, I've not been to a Baptism class for new believers. What concerns me is the script used by Baptism Officiants: "Do you trust Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins, and commit to follow Him all the days of your life." In that script is no mention of "accepting Him into your heart as Lord and Savior, receiving salvation, entering into eternal life, or being led by His Spirit (as a corollary to following Him).