Thursday, July 18, 2013

Want to come journey with me, Bob Whitesel, and Lenny Luchetti this Fall???

Although most of Wesley Seminary's students are online, you may not know that you can actually move to the central Indiana area and take classes here onsite in our new building!
  • This Fall on Thursdays you can join Bob Whitesel and me for Missional Church.  He'll journey with you in relation to God's mission to the world. I'll process the Bible, theology, and church history with you in relation to mission.  It's a team taught course, face-to-face.
  • ... and you can take Lenny Luchetti for spiritual formation on Thursdays as well--how does change take place in our lives?
You can live in Marion or as much as an hour or two from campus and still take classes from 9-4 in the new building on Thursdays.  We can work with you to connect with a church in the area if you need.  If you want to move to Marion, we'll work with you on housing.

Sure, you can do it online... but you don't have to turn in as many assignments onsite in the new building. :-)

By the way, I forgot to say to email or you can email me too: .

P.S. Did I mention that we have a new building!


Susan Moore said...

Dr. Schenk,
How come I could take graduate classes and not be a graduate student (I've taken several), but I can't take Seminary classes before I complete my B.S. degree?

Ken Schenck said...

In our undergraduate program, a person can begin to take graduate courses in his or her last semester. :-)

Paul Tillman said...

I wouldn't want to imply onsite is over-rated, and Dr. Luchetti is certainly top notch, but I hear the online cohort may have an awesome new spiritual formation prof :-)

Ken Schenck said...

That's a different post, Paul :-)

I actually think there will be three new online spiritual formation cohorts this Fall: one will have Colleen Derr, another Jeremy Summers, and of course a lucky group with one Paul Tillman...

Susan Moore said...

Ok. I emailed you and asked for your discernment.