Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Egyptian Coup

I am hopeful about today's coup by the army in Egypt and was encouraged to see a diverse group of people around the army leader, including the head of the Coptic Church, the Nobel Prize winning nuclear physicist Elbaradei, and the head of their supreme court.  I also appreciated the wisdom of the US administration in telling the outgoing president that democracy is not just about having elections.

What that meant, of course, is that a democracy is not about letting the majority have its way to the detriment of minority groups, such as what the Muslim Brotherhood was doing in moving toward an Islamic state in Egypt.  Democracy is about creating a space for the minorities as well.

This is of course true in America as well.  This is the wisdom of the separation of church and state, which of course should not be interpreted as anti-religion or non-religion but as religion neutral. This is why we cannot pass laws in America that are specifically Christian.

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