Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Drury Prognosticates on the Future of Ministerial Education

I hope that the presentation of Keith Drury on the future of ministerial education will be made available somewhere online (I'll post the link here when I find it). As usual, he not only is a step ahead of most of us in seeing the trajectory of education but he has bottom line insights we all ignore at our own peril.

Here are first two "Get ready; it's coming" moments:

1. Students will increasingly shop around for their gen. eds online and nearby.  Like "Hotwire" or "Travelocity," they'll shop for the cheapest, most convenient Western Civ. course on some pooled list on a website.  That means institutions that invest too much of their future in the liberal arts or gen. ed. parts of their universities (even if they're trying to sell a "Christian worldview" version of it) are doomed to fail.

2. Residential campuses will have to sell the campus life.  Come here because our professors and staff live with the students.  They're available in the evening and will respond to texts.  This is a spiritually formative campus. It's fun to come here and live here. They won't come for the courses, since they will be able to do that anywhere online, probably cheaper.


Brian Small said...

At first, I thought your title said, "dreary prognostication", but then maybe that wasn't so far off after all.

Vanessa said...

This is cool!