Thursday, May 09, 2013

8 Degrees with Worst Return on Investment

My electronic friend Bill Barnwell posted this link on the 8 degrees with the worst return on investment in terms of likely salary:

8. Sociology
7. Fine arts
6. Education
5. Religious Studies/Theology
4. Hospitality/Tourism
3. Nutrition
2. Psychology
1. Communications

Potentially fulfilling, yes. Possible life calling, maybe. Money makers, no.


Jeff Brady said...

Hmmm... #2 on my wall and #5 in progress... glad I'm not so desirous of the finer things!

David Doty said...

I am so glad to see that English Literature (B.A.) did not make the list but note that my M.A. (#5) has moved me down, rather than up, the pay scale. But I wonder if "Communication" is not the "English Lit" of the 21st century.

Still not sure I would trade either for more money though the thought is tempting.

Brian Small said...

Are you trying to depress me?

::athada:: said...

Ironic (?) that "ability to communicate" is one of the top desires of most employers, at least what I've heard in Environmental Science. You can train someone to learn a little software, regulations, etc... you can't very well train someone (on the job) to write/speak.

Martin LaBar said...

I'm surprised that Social Work didn't make the list.