Thursday, April 11, 2013

Off to Missio Alliance

I'm flying today to DC for the first Missio Alliance conference, The Future of the Gospel.  If you look at the sponsors, you'll see not only that The Wesleyan Church is a sponsor (with Wesley Seminary splitting the sponsorship), but that the sponsors are an Arminian-fest.

What excites me about this group is that there are a lot of Christians in America today who are fully orthodox, love the Bible, are fully devoted followers of Christ, but who do not really have a group to concentrate their voice.  We're talking about a group that has a robust sense of what it means to spread the gospel (it's way more than getting people "saved").  We're talking about a group that understands that social justice is part of the lordship of Christ.  We're talking about a group that fully affirms women in ministry as a sign of the age of the Spirit.  We're talking about a group that pursues a church that looks as diverse as the kingdom of God actually is.

It's no coincidence that a lot of Wesleyan-Arminians are behind this conference.  The description above is exactly what the Wesleyan tradition is all about...

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