Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Empty Tomb

What a mix of emotions this day held for the women and disciples of Jesus 2000 years ago!

It starts with sadness. "We didn't even have time to anoint his body on Friday," the women are thinking.   "How will we manage to move the stone?"

But they have to try. Jesus deserves that much. He deserves the honor of a decent burial.

Then confusion. The stone is removed but Jesus' body is not there. Someone has taken it. Where have they laid it? Someone reminds them of resurrection, mentions Galilee. They don't know what to make of it. They tell no one at first. They are afraid.  Soon it is time for the disciples to be confused.

Then there is hope and the greatest thrill of not just a lifetime--of all time! He has appeared to Peter. Then he appears to the other ten remaining disciples.  It is amazing. No one expected him to die. But then no one absolutely expected him to come to life again!

James believes--James of all people!  He had seriously questioned Jesus' legitimacy when he was on earth. A group of over 500 people sees him at once, including a husband and wife by the names of Andronicus and Junia. Jesus commissions them along with others like Barnabas and eventually Paul to spread the word that Jesus has been enthroned king and is risen from the dead.

The mission continues...

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