Sunday, March 03, 2013

Quo vadis, Bloggens?

I suppose it's a good thing that my blogging well is running dry.  I do intend to continue blogging through Grudem on Saturdays as I'm able. In fact, I've self-published a Kindle version of my evaluation of Grudem's first section on the word of God and I'll do a post when the paper version is approved.

The Monday reading group is reading Unintended Reformation and I imagine I'll give some blog posts about it.  It's basic thesis, as I perceive it, is that secularization was an unintended consequence of the Reformation. Gregory is more nuanced than that, but I think that's the bottom line. I suspect that I at least would want to be a lot more careful about how Gregory thinks the distant past impacts us.

I have a book contract from Fortress, which will motivate me finally to finish a book I've written parts of, A New Perspective on Hebrews. Those of you who have been asking how to quote some of the informal papers I've written on the date and ethnicity of Hebrews' audience will finally have something to cite.

I know I was doing a biblical theology series that at least a few of you found interesting.  I like to use Sundays as venues to create things I later self-publish.  I thought about doing a series "Theological Artifacts," in which I give my theology in dialog with its historical interlocutors.  I thought about writing a very simple "Biblical Worldview" booklet. The presuppositions of the title are riddled with ignorance, but better to lasso it than let the ignorant continue to use it as a tool of stupefication.

One thing I really want to start doing more of is reading through some famous books and then self-publishing my summary evaluations, like I'm doing with Grudem.  I was thinking, for example, of doing some Kant.

So there's a little nothing for a Sunday morning...


John C. Gardner said...

What about doing some posts on the sacraments, their Biblical origin, and differences regarding the sacraments between theological traditions? What about Burke and Kant or Hume?
Thanks for writing this blog

Brian Small said...

Ken, what kind of time frame do you project for the publication of your book on Hebrews?

Ken Schenck said...

The manuscript is due September 1, so maybe early next year?

John C. Gardner said...

Query: When will your book on philosophy be published?

Ken Schenck said...

It has dragged out in editing and such for well over a year now. My glossary and index topics are due Monday so that surely means it is almost cooked... Maybe June?