Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jesus with an MBA

I was reading someone saying that the Vatileaks incident was somewhere in the back of the pope resigning.  I guess there's a saying somewhere that a good RC bishop "needs to be like Jesus with an MBA."  I guess the current pope may think the RCC needs as a pope some young energetic person with strong organizational skills who can crack some heads and oust a bunch of corruption.

This reflects my own pilgrimage in viewing Wesleyan church leadership, even Wesleyan college leadership.  When I was a naive boy, I used to think that only the holiest of people became general superintendents.  It was the Melvin Snyders and the Roy Nicholsons. I imagine most catholics like to think of the Pope that way.

But that's not really what organizations need to function well or, if the supreme leader is chosen for being most holy, they often need someone else on the side actually running the operations.  Holy people don't necessarily make for good managers, at least not when it comes to making sure the trains run on time. And they don't always make for good leaders either when it comes to making decisions, problem solving, and casting vision.

If the RCC wants a saintly pope, they'd better have a spankin' good executive at his side...


Paul Tillman said...

It seems to me that you are making the office of pope too much like chief executive. A solo senior pastor might be in more need of the Jesus with an MBA model, but I would hope the pope would be a spiritual giant with vision. I'm sure he has plenty of people to help run the "business" of the church and implement the vision.

Ken Schenck said...

I was going by the comment of the pope's brother that Benedict felt like the office needed someone with internal political cunning.