Tuesday, December 11, 2012

NT Blog: Beverly Gaventa to join Baylor

NT Blog: Beverly Gaventa to join Baylor: Beverly Roberts Gaventa is moving to Baylor.  Details here: Dr. Beverly Roberts Gaventa Appointed Distinguished Professor of New Testament.

This is fascinating.  A professor at a mainline seminary like Princeton going to a quasi-evangelical university like Baylor!

The jump is not nearly as great as it may seem.  Princeton is a faith-filled seminary and Baylor is not evangelicalism as usual.  Both are, more accurately, places of faith-filled scholarship.

By faith-filled, I mean both have an orthodox faith that is Scripturally centered.  By scholarship, I mean they are both committed to let the text say what it says rather than setting artificial boundaries to its meaning based on sectarian concerns.

You do wonder what is driving such a move, of course.  Is it significant, for example, that this is not the only departure from Princeton in biblical studies in the last couple years.  Meanwhile, Baylor has been building on an already good line up in recent days, recently adding Bruce Longenecker to its faculty.

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Keith Reich said...


The move, and the connection between the two schools might not be as stark as it may seem.

I attended Baylor for undergrad, MDiv at Princeton, and back to Baylor for my Ph.D. There has been some traffic between the two schools for some time. During my Ph.D. at Baylor, both Gaventa and C. Clifton Black were invited to give lecture series at Baylor. Several students from Princeton Seminary attended Baylor for Ph.D. work and likewise, many Baylor undergrads choose Princeton Seminary for their M.Div.

I think you are right in your evaluation of the schools. The Ethos of the scholarship at both institutions was fairly similar in my experience, with serious, faith-filled scholarship at the center of each. Also, Lydia Novakovic at Baylor was a Princeton Seminary Ph.D. Grad.

I couldn't be happier with the appointment of Gaventa to my Alma Mater.