Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Poem

The boys and girls went out to play.
They took a snake and turned to say,
"A stick, a rope, a pole, a hose."
They swung it round and touched their toes.

When someone said, "I'd put it down,"
They hiked their nose all over town.
Still more, they looked at her askance,
And oft began at her to glance.

Say who are you to tell us what
And where and when and how and but?
We like to play, and play we will,
And of it we will have our fill.

But you had better out of here
Your lies, your trash, your evil fear.
In fact, it's not enough to go.
You're poison and upon you woe.

They grabbed her, raised her, took her out,
Dumped her down, began to shout.
They threw their stones, and she was done.
And they returned to have some fun.

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