Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The True Wesleyan ;-)

I decided to take some old blog posts from a while back and self-publish them.  The result is a short 48 page, $6.99 book called, The True Wesleyan.

I also Kindle-fied it ($2.99):

Here are the (very short) chapters:

1. The True Wesleyan
2. A Generous Tradition
3. A Heart-Oriented Tradition
4. God Is Love
5.  The Cross as Love
6.  Human Freedom
7.  Optimistic about Love
8.  Loving the Whole Person
9.  Loving into Social Structures
10.  The Importance of Faithfulness
11.  Scripture as Sacrament
12.  Looking Ahead

By the way, I can self-publish any of my blog series anyone likes ;-)  "The Antichrist," anyone?


Jim Schenck said...

Second try, minus typos.

If you are referring to the string of entries you wrote dealing with President Obama and the belief that some (at some -ahem- retirement villages) held that he was the antichrist, then it might not be a bad idea! I know I copied and pasted them for later plagarism - I mean research...

Ken Schenck said...

It wasn't that exciting ;-)