Thursday, August 02, 2012

One more day

I've been leading the basic Bible course this week so have had little time/energy for anything else this week.  I don't know how the class has felt, but I've been happier with this time around than ever.

The flow of the week has been:
Monday: Surveying larger sections of a biblical book
Tuesday: The text of the Bible and following a train of thought
Wednesday: Word studies
Today: Formulating a biblical theology

We have 8 seminary classes going on campus this week, two of which are in Spanish. We are also very privileged to have J. Cameron Carter here from Duke doing a class on Bonhoeffer.


Joshua Rhone said...

I've had the privilege of hearing J. Kameron Clark lecture on a couple of occasions and have been thoroughly delighted on both occasions. I'm sure his lectures at Wesley Seminary will be of the same caliber.

Joshua Rhone said...

That should read: J. Kameron Carter. Not quite sure why auto-correct does not want to recognize "Carter."

John C. Gardner said...

What sources(primary and seconday) is the lecturer on Bonhoeffer using?

Ken Schenck said...

He has done a spectacular job this week. Students have loved him! He's using Bonhoeffer's book Discipleship and Schlingensiepen's book. Then there are two supplemental texts, The Aryan Jesus and The Nazi Conscience.

Kliner said...

I once had the chance to hear J.K. Carter exegete the films District 9 and Avatar. It was brilliant and beautiful.

p.s. The class this week has been tremendous MDiv Cohort 05 agrees.