Friday, April 27, 2012

Psalm 9 Translation

Psalm 9
[To the musician leading on the death of a son, a psalm (attributed) to David]
9:1 I will praise YHWH with all my heart.
     Let me tell of all the marvelous things you have done.
2 Let me rejoice and let me exult in you.
     Let me make music to your name, O Most High.
3 When my enemies turn back,
     they will fall and perish before your face.
4 For you bring justice
     and my case you take on the high seat,
     judging in righteousness.
5 You rebuked the nations;
     you destroyed the wicked;
     their name you wiped out forever and ever.
6 O enemy, [your] devastations have come to an end in perpetuity.
     And you have destroyed cities.
     Their memory perished [with] them.
7 But YHWH remains forever,
     establishing his throne for justice.
8 But he will judge the inhabited world with righteousness;
     he will pronounce judgment on peoples with equity.
9 YHWH will be a refuge for the crushed;
     a refuge for times in distress.
10 And those who know your name will trust in you,
     for you do not abandon those who seek you, YHWH.
11 Sing to YHWH, the one dwelling in Zion.
     Make known among the peoples his doings.
12 For the one seeking bloods, them he [God] remembers;
     he does not forget the cry of the poor.
13 Be gracious to me, YHWH;
     look on my misery from those who hate me,
     you who raise me up from the gates of death.
14 So that I might recount all your praises in the gates of the daughter of Zion.
     I will rejoice in your salvation.
15 Nations have fallen into the pits they made;
     in the net that they concealed,
     [their] foot was caught.
16 YHWH is known [by] the judgment he does;
     by the deed of his palms the wicked is snared.
     (Higgion music)
17 The wicked turn to Sheol,
     all the nations who forget God.
18 For not for eternity will the needy be forgotten;
     the hope of the poor will not perish forever.
19 Arise, YHWH. Do not let man be strong;
     let the nations be judged before your face.
20 Place, YHWH, fear on them;
     let the nations know [that] they are man.

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