Thursday, March 08, 2012

Roger Olsen on Piper as usual...

I think most are probably glad that I've become tired of responding to things like Piper's recent post on the tornadoes in Kentucky and southern Indiana.  Pretty much everyone knows what I think, and I've said it all before.

But here's what Roger Olsen has to say:
My response to John Piper’s Recent Statements about God and Tornadoes

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Angie Van De Merwe said...

This is all well and good for those that want to believe in a Diety and choice, as well. Then, there will be the problem of "authority" and submission, I gather.

Protestantism, as well as our Founding Father's Revolution was about resistance to a "Divine" or sanctioned right for "kings", that is, leadership.

Leaders are not to be "above the law", that is, above the Constitution, though some like to globalize, spirtualize, and/or theologize such equality. And such thinking is in opposition to nation-state Sovereignty, might implicate "imperial power", preach passive resistance, and martyrdom to "bring in the Kingdom"!

I think it is best to commit to what one is interested in and "make a difference" or "change the world" in that way, apart from any spiritualizing it.