Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Psalm 7 Translation

[Shiggayon (attributed) to David, which he sang to YHWH concerning the words of Cush of Benjamin]
7:1 YHWH, my God, in you I have fled;
     rescue me from all those pursuing me and deliver me.
2 Lest he tear my soul like a lion,
     ripping, and there is no deliverer.
3 YHWH, my God, if I did this,
     if there is evil in my hands,
4 If I repaid evil to the one at peace with me
     and turned [this person] over to my enemy without cause,
5 [Then] let the enemy pursue my soul and overtake [it],
     and trample my life to the ground
     and bring my honor down to the dust.

6 Arise, YHWH in your nose [anger];
     rise up at the arrogance of my enemies;
     and stir up for me the justice you commanded.
7 And [then] the congregation of the peoples will surround you;
     and for it, return to the height.
8 YHWH will render judgment [over] peoples;
     judge me, YHWH, according to my righteousness,
     and according to my innocence over me.
9 Let the evil of the wicked end
     and establish the righteous one,
For God, the righteous one,
     examines the hearts and bowels.

10 My shield is with God,
     who saves the right of heart.
11 God is a righteous judge,
     and God is angry every day.
12 If he does not turn,
     [God] will sharpen his sword;
     [God] has bent his bow and aimed it.
13 And for him he prepared instruments of death;
     his arrows he has prepared against those who are burning.
14 Look, [the evil person] has birth pains with evil;
     he conceived heavy trouble;
     he gave birth to falsehood.
15 He lay open a pit and dug it
     and fell into the grave hole he made.
16 His trouble making will return on his [own] head,
     and on his [own] scalp his violence will come down.

17 I will praise YHWH according to his righteousness,
     and I will sing the name of YHWH most high.

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Bob MacDonald said...

Nose to you too - I tell the children at Sunday School about this view of the anger (not to be trifled with though!).

A nice solution to verse 5 is 'let me be gripped' לחץ (lxc), assuming a reversal of letters in the Hebrew.