Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year from Germany!

We brought in the new year with the Blakes over at their almost 20 story high rise. The fireworks were amazing all over the city. In fact, at 1:22am they are still going strong outside our flat. It struck me as what a war zone must sound like. I thought of "shock and awe" in Iraq, although it obviously wasn't quite that powerful. Never seen anything like it. Then I experimented with time travel and was successfully able to call into the past. I called my parents in last year. I'm thinking of patenting the time machine. Happy New Year, America, from the future year 2012!

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JohnM said...

I lived for 4 years on a hilltop south of Stuttgart - could see the surrounding suburbs in all directions. New Years celebration looked like the 4th of July on steroids. Fascinating how the Germans can go happy crazy a few select times a year, without any serious harm done as far as I ever heard, and then easily shift right back to being...well, German. ;-)

Happy New Year!