Monday, December 12, 2011

Afternoon at the Museum...

Yesterday afternoon we checked another thing off our "do before leaving Munich" list.  We went to the Deutsches Museum, which is full of actual planes, boats, submarines, space craft, etc.  You could actually climb into a lot of them.  I would have loved it as a child.

Maybe it's because I'm a little stressed in general but I was thoroughly depressed by the time I left for several reasons.  Here are just a few:

1. My kids won't be going/didn't go on field trips to anything like this from Justice/McCullough, or Marion High School.
2. The vast majority of American kids don't care about this sort of stuff... meaning America has no future in the world.
3. The accumulated knowledge this museum represents is way beyond anything I know... and I mean pick any point in time from some 1800 ship to the 1960 jet to the 1980's space craft.

Just thought I'd cheer everyone up on a Monday morning. ;-)


LorenS said...

Ken, in Munich yesterday (too!) I went to the Pinakotek (the old one) and was astounded by the art - Durer, Holbein, Tintoretto, Cranach, Rubens, etc. etc. - some of which I had studied at university. The Deutsches Museum I did not see, but remember an unforgettable visit to it as a kid in the 1960's. Fantastic stuff. School groups revolve in and out of the Pinakotek; one group of 20 students on Sunday were eagerly listening to the museum guide talk about details of paintings of Jesus' suffering on the cross. Your comments, depressing as they are, remain apropos.

Ken Schenck said...

It is amazing to have such incredible things only a tram ride away! I went to an excellent high school and saw pictures of some of the paintings I've seen here this trip. So amazing to have them at hand. Great to see you Saturday!