Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy your brain

Trying to get a feel for this "Occupy" movement.  We saw the police out in big force in Munich today, where I guess there was a march.  Didn't see the march, but there was a lady sitting next to me on the bus with some placard about taxes.  I think she was late, might have missed it ;-)  The bus driver finally told us all to get off because he couldn't get any closer. She filed out with the rest of us.

My sense is that there are both some similar and some very dissimilar characteristics to the Tea Party protests of some time ago.  For one, of course, these protests are a lot angrier and in Rome went violent.  Of course I get the feeling that any protest in Italy is bound to go violent.  The Occupy protests are left (anti-capitalist) while the Tea Party protests were right (anti-communist).  Both are against corporate bail-outs, one for anti-capitalist reasons and the other for libertarian reasons.

I think the best course is in the middle.  The libertarian Tea Party approach leads to violent revolt by those who aren't self-sufficient.  The anti-capitalist Occupy approach runs everything into the ground economically (and burns a lot of cars in the process).

But I'm not sure where the centrists are.  Maybe we should protest the Tea Party and the Occupy people.  I'll make the signs.  Better yet, let's just go to Starbucks and talk philosophy.


Angie Van De Merwe said...

YES, occupy YOUR brain! That means that each of us will have an opinion about "the problems" facing our world.

Libertarians respect the right of others to differ, and understand there are no ideal solutions.

The Tea Party, as I understand it is against government Representatives acting in their own interests alone without concern for our fiscal and social problems! These are "sins of the position" without balance and accountability. The Tea Party seeks to bring accountability to government.

The Occupy party seems to be an "entitled" mentality, which is "furthered through propaganda", which lends itself to anger, resentment and even hostility to those that "order" society. The difference is in attitude. But, it certainly does not help for the police force to also have an attitude, which escalates the problems.

While the Tea Party respects authority, they don't obey sheepishly, as they ask questions and probe for answers, the Occupy party, on the other hand, just wants to "point fingers", and "hang out" without accountability for their actions.

At least this is the way it seems to me! But, your suggestion to "Occupy Your Brain" is a good one, as we all have to have our own convictions and not be led down the "primrose path", as a part of the "herd"! And isn't it great to be part of a society that allows such "freedom of thought"?!

Angie Van De Merwe said...

But, I do think that the Tea Party's emphasis of "faith claims" is not where the political focus should be.... BECAUSE the problems are NOT about how a particular person understands their religion, the problems are about our cultural values and historical roots!!! And it is so important to remain libertarian in this sense for our society to continue to be free!

The Occupy Party also is a reactive response to the bailouts in some cases! It is a resentment of being and feeling used to further elite claims of power to pre-eminance without accountability, because small businesses don't have the competive edge needed to "make it" compared to corporate interests....I'm just at the point of believing that we are "beyond" small businesses....but certainly, government should get out of bed with corporatons, that is for sure

I must admit that macro economics is not my forte. I am ill informed in that regard....

::athada:: said...

Have heard of some libertarians @ OWS. I think they perceive the centrist interventions of Bush-Obama during the crisis as state-sponsored capitalism, crony capitalism, and what have you. The "small is beautiful" libertarians (who don't fit well in either camp - I know a Heathen farmer who is such) see gov't regulations as rational moves by large players to consolidate market share.

For example, "how dare we allow a couple hundred chickens to be slaughtered on the farm by an experienced farmer in the open air! They should all be slaughtered in $1 million+ facilities, indoor, with a lot of expensive equipment. Which, by the way, we are experts in." Hence the massive consolidation in meat-processing/packing.

Angie Van De Merwe said...

Point well taken, as even innovative ideas begin as "small ones" and build capital. But, someone has to sponsor it. If it is government, then there are strings attached that aren't necessarily with the small business interests in mind....

Regulation does choke new business endeavors, but government is also supposed to protect citizen interests, too, such as security and health concerns. So are you saying that ALL government oversight is bad?

Some believe that it would be better for the FDA and other government offices to disband. Limited government is a government easier to be accountable....

JohnM said...

I'm not too worried about revolts by those who aren't self-sufficient. That is, unless libertarian reforms leave government with insufficient resources to respond ;)

FrGregACCA said...

The actual centrists lean left because the statistical center has shifted so far right!

"Philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point is to change it," says Marx. Jesus agrees, don't you think?