Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lederhosen are not funny!

Giving many thanks to God today that our kids have found a school.  Because of the massive shifts in German education--not to mention the fact that Munich is a melting pot--all the schools are overcrowded as in so many of the states.  Also, Gymnasium education is highly sought, but has always been for a rather higher level academic student, rather than for everyone.

We are very grateful that the Gisela Gymnasium has made an exception for us, since we have not been able to get in anywhere else.  The principal was a Fulbrighter himself in New York.  We are only here for four months.  It is more for an experience than for grades.  They put Tom and Sophie both in a 6th year class.  We have the books so we can try to prep them.

Here's what a sixth year studies in a German Gymnasium such as this one: English, French, German, Math, Religion (catholic, Lutheran, or ethics for others), natural science, art, music, and sport.

It is of course Oktoberfest and lederhosen and drindls are everywhere on everyone of all ages.  Having grown up on the Pink Panther and Chevy Chase's European Vacation, it is hard for me to take them seriously.  But apparently they are pretty much the equivalent in Bavaria of a suit in the States.  In 1950, I'm told, this is what everyone wore to church on Sunday, and I guess they still do in rural south Bavaria.  The young people, I hear, find it perfectly normal.

Which leads me to a new Deep Thought by Ken Schenck: When Fritz showed up in his lederhosen, my first instinct was to laugh.  But then he said, "Ach so!  Lederhosen sind nicht lustig."  I don't know what he said, but I never laughed at lederhosen after that.


Angie Van De Merwe said...

We found our boy some hand me down Lederhosen, which they wore to church many moons ago! Yes, I grew up in the South, where boys wore shorts, knee socks and suspenders! It was all quite normal to me!

Congradulations on getting Tom and Soph in school! Sounds like a unique experience for them!

Anonymous said...

completely off subject: but what is your take on Rob Bell's love wins book

Ken Schenck said...

I think Rob Bell is actually a great person for Wesleyans to use to reflect on who we are. He may be a little extreme (not to mention being quite a showman) but his extremes are basically Arminian extremes. We should not hate him the way Calvinists do. He is asking the right questions and, even if he goes too far, he is doing so on a Wesleyan-Arminian trajectory, IMHO.