Friday, August 19, 2011

Sabbatical approacheth...

Now that the fall seminary courses are uploaded into Blackboard, a belated book review is done (sorry Ron if you're out there), and I can begin to think about a normal life that isn't always in crisis mode, I've been having a novel thought.  What should I read that I want to read?

My first thought is actually work related.  I think I'll start with a book Dr. Bob Whitesel is now using in our seminary leadership course:

Yum, yum ;-)


::athada:: said...

If you are hungry, and want something non-work-related, try Michael Pollen's "In Defense of Food" for a quick read on the foodies. Timely, fairly enjoyable, and comes with practical application if desired.

::athada:: said...

Or better: the 112-page pocket compendium of the same title