Thursday, July 07, 2011

Scholarship on the Road...

As usual, I'm on the road trying to finish something due at some point in the past.  Sometimes I feel like the surgeon in the old Michael Keaton Batman movie who tries to put Joker's face back together in some dirty abandoned building: "You see what I have to work with."

So here I am in a hotel in Florida at a conference in between things, trying to do a word study on "to preach the good news" (euangelizomai) in the Septuagint.  I made a PDF of the entry in Hatch and Redpath before leaving (still don't know where to find a good Septuagint concordance on the web).  Now I'm bouncing back and forth between blueletterbible and biblegateway.  I used to have Logos on my laptop but every time you switch computers with IT, you have to reload everything and I haven't got around to it.

Earlier today, I pieced together a Hebrew for ministry assignment using the snippet snapshot tool in Windows to take a picture of an preview page of a commentary... I'm not at a library to make a PDF.

So I rejoice in the internet and technology... and remember the good old days when you had a chalkboard and a library?