Monday, July 11, 2011

Re-orienting my blogging

I've developed a pattern of trying to post something here at least once a day.  Topics vary from whatever is on my mind--Bible, church, politics (I have a political blog but I haven't used it lately).  Often I have used the blog to help with writing projects.

I think I'm going to try to shift how I function.  I suspect I am friends with most of my church family on Facebook, so I think I will move in the direction of posting some of my more "local" Wesleyan thoughts to Facebook.  So I posted several thoughts there on District Conference last week.

I also want to shift the locus of my writing to Microsoft Word ;-)  So I would more report here on things I'm writing there than use the blog as the locus of my writing.  This seems especially appropriate since in the Fall I will be writing more scholarly material.  I may or may not post every day.

Basically, I used to blog because I was bored intellectually.  At least for the moment, I have so many things to write pouring out my ears I'm going crazy, since the seminary is pouring out my ears, eyes, mouth, and nose as well. ;-)

We'll see what happens.

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Robert said...

I read your blog all the time, so I hope you continue to write here as you have in the past. I'm trying to get away from Facebook, but I'll look you up. I'm in a transition to Google + as I like the concept of "Circles" and being able to organize groups of people to assist with sharing and reading.