Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Off to District Conference

One of the things I like about the Wesleyan Church is that educators can remain located in districts others than where they work.  To me, this makes me a kind of representative of the Florida district to Indiana Wesleyan University and now Wesley Seminary there.  I know arguments can be made against it, that my membership should be in the district where I attend church.  Actually, it is even possible to have local church membership where I attend and district membership back in Florida.

In any case, I have never made the transition and remain a member of the Florida district.  So it is with great delight that I head off to District Conference to represent the seminary there this year... and of course see family ;-)


::athada:: said...

Is this like joining an Anglican church in the U.S. that pertains to a dioceses in Africa? ;) Just got a refresher on the Anglican political drama from my membership class yesterday - blech. Apparently all of S. America is against the libs in England/U.S. as well.

Kenneth D. Russell said...

Hey Dr. Schenck! I'd join you in preferring the ability to do that. I find it rather similar for students at the University and their home church/district. While I do love IWU and the local church in Marion, I'm very much apart of my local church back home and enjoy the privilege of serving there and in that district although I'm away in school. And I sort of like being a representative of both- IWU to my home and my home to IWU. :D

Thank you for the post, it was a great reminder! :)