Monday, July 04, 2011


I consider myself truly blessed to have been born in the U.S.A.  I know those from many other countries rightly feel the same about their countries as well.  On the other hand, many, many from oppressed parts of the world would love to live here with us.

So what should I write today?  How happy I am that our system of government was formed at just the right time,  by men with Enlightenment philosophies still riding the fumes of Judeo-Christian values?  Or is this a moment to be prophetic, to remember that "we have here no lasting city" and that many churches confuse patriotism and nationalism with Christianity?

Nah, I'll just wish any of those from the US reading a happy 4th of July.  And for those reading from free lands somewhere else, three cheers for your heritage.  And if anyone is reading from somewhere else... history's a comin'.

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Patrick said...


Where I failed in this regard was considering the the USA was special in God's eyes.

Believing that, I automatically lept to the defense of the nation when challenged.

I think a more proper Godly view is to respect the governors, pray for them, obey the law, do not malign the governors and to realize our state is run by flawed men like them all and be skeptical about it's pronouncements and actions.