Thursday, June 23, 2011

NIV 2011 and Romans 16:1

I was happy to see at least that the NIV 2011 got its head out of the sand and translated Romans 16:1 with the word "deacon."  The wimpy NIV 1984 as usual wore its Calvino-evangelical theology on its sleeve and translated her as a "servant" of the church at Cenchrea.  We all know this is bias.  If it had been a guy, there's little question they would have identified her as a deacon in the first place.


James Petticrew said...

Looks like they have changed from Junias to Junia in 16:7 righting another blatant piece of bias

Anonymous said...

Signs and wonders! Maybe Wright is right - the Kingdom of God really has been inaugurated. ;)

billy v said...

More important to me is the change from Phoebe being a helper to being a benefactor.