Monday, June 20, 2011

Find the Errors 2

Here is my second find the errors vidcast for my Hebrew for Ministry course, based on Genesis 23:12. Their task is to identify three word fallacies in the selection.  Here are the options:

1. English-only fallacy (basing meaning on English rather than the original Greek or Hebrew)
2. Etymological fallacy (the past history of a word does not control its present meaning)
3. Anachronistic fallacy (the future meaning of a word does not control its present meaning)
4. Lexical fallacy (all the meanings of a word do not have to play out some core meaning common to the others)
5. Overload fallacy (meaning is local--don't import extraneous meanings from other contexts to this one)
6. One meaning fallacy (words can and usually do have multiple, distinct, potentially unrelated meanings)
7. Word-concept fallacy (a concept is not limited to a word, and a word will not exhaust a concept)

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