Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Perfect Movie

I was thinking tonight what the perfect movie for me would be.

1. It would have action like the Bourne trilogy.

2. It would be funny and clever like Pirates of the Caribbean.

3. It would move at a constant clip, like the first Hoodwinked, with little "monologuing," dialog, or transition.  Don't blink or you miss something.

4. It would have a good love story in the middle of a broader struggle, one with tension.  The movies that came to mind probably will seem weird--in terms of the woman role, Somersby and the Kevin Costner Robin Hood; in terms of the man role, maybe something like Bourne.

5. If it is an imaginative film, then I like either the retro-science feel of a Sherlock Holmes or the futuristic science of the recent Star Trek.  I like main characters who are geniuses, tricky, one step ahead of you.

6. Some movies create a whole world with its own rules, language, etc., like the Harry Potter series.

7. A certain kind of movie can also interact with history, religion, or philosophy in creative ways.  Time Bandits, Hitchhikers Guide, Matrix, Lost, etc...

8. I like double meaning symbolism as well.  Alice in Wonderland...

What have I missed for the perfect movie?  If it were clearer in my head, I'd try to write it...  Obviously it's not ;-)

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Brian Small said...

It has to have a plot twist.