Friday, April 08, 2011

Rob Bell's Confession of Faith

Saw this over at Jesus Creed, for those interested.  Ironically, Love Wins came in the mail yesterday.  There's been such a fuss over the book I thought I should probably at least thumb through it to see what it says.  In the video, Bell says he believes in hell.


ChrisTabone said...

I picked it up a week ago and just finished reading it and what I found was that in the book he says he believes in Hell, but that it is more of a place that we create for ourselves than it is a place where God sends those who are unrepentant. He never says what happens, in the book, to those who don't place faith in Jesus.

Josh Wiley said...

I just finished the book over the weekend and have found quite a bit of the book that I can jive with, especially some of his comments on the nature of heaven and how that impacts how we live in this life. His discussion on the intermediary state has got me thinking and re-pondering the whole "this day..." and "preached to the dead" themes. Not sure how much I can follow his stand on the issue but they are interesting discussion nonetheless.