Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pedagogy of Faith in the Science Classroom

Indiana Wesleyan University is hosting a conference on campus, June 27-29, on the question of how faith and science should or might co-exist in classrooms of all kinds.  Here is the website for the conference.

The purpose of the conference is not to discuss the merits of various positions on issues (e.g., theistic evolution) but to discuss pedagogy and to discuss it in the pursuit of insight, not indoctrination.  So not only will there be young earth creationists there, but Karl Giberson of BioLogos will be keynoting.  J. P. Moreland the apologist from Talbot at Biola will also be keynoting.

It should be interesting!  Dennis Brinkman, chair of the School of the Physical and Applied Sciences here, has had no shortage of angry emails, ranging from those who think faith and science should have nothing to do with each other to those who think Christian pedagogy should only indoctrinate against evolutionary theory.  Papers of all sorts are on the program, including a paper from a self-avowed atheist who insists he cannot help but discuss questions of faith in his classes because, whether he likes it or not, his students always bring the issue up.

Admission is $125 if you have your own lodging.  It is $225 if you need to stay in our lodges.


π² said...

IWU has "lodges?" We always have to stay in the dorms, the dorms that are furthest away from our class rooms :-)

Ken Schenck said...

Let's face it. The seminary is old news. It's on to the College of Health Sciences ;-)

Just kidding...

::athada:: said...

This is great. Glad to see BioLogos represented as well. Can't wait for content/commentary here & on the official website.