Friday, April 01, 2011

Online Spanish Ministry Courses Begin!

Today we have two online Spanish ministry courses opening: La Iglesia Misional (The Missional Church) and Cambio y Transformación (Change and Transformation, a spiritual formation course). These correspond to the first full semester courses of our Anglo program as well.

Team teaching La Iglesia Misional is Dr. Victor Cuartas of Regent University (focusing on the practice elements of evangelism, service, church multiplication, and global mission) and Dr. Pablo Jiménez (focusing on the foundational elements of Bible, theology, church history, and integration).  Teaching the one hour spiritual formation course is our Directora herself, Joanne Walker.

As I wrote before, this is the first MDIV degree in Spanish to be (primarily) online and contextualized.  It's an exciting day in the ministry of Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University, in fact the very first courses to be taught in Spanish at the university itself.

Thanks to all the many hands, including the pilot cohort of students, who have made this day possible!

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