Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wesley Study Bible Received!

Thanks to Abingdon for sending me a copy of the Wesley Study Bible to review.  Not surprisingly, I hope to begin with Hebrews.  The notes on Hebrews largely come from David deSilva, I believe.  These notes feature quotes and insights relating to John Wesley and Wesleyan theology.  It is NRSV, which is the standard version used in scholarly publication when the scholar is not providing his or her own translation.

I look forward to dabbling in it!


The Circuit Rider said...

I ordered one when they first came out...really enjoy the Core Terms and running Wesley Commentary. Great for devotion and Bible Study. Only wish it was available in the NKJV...but I do enjoy using different translations.

ChrisTabone said...

It's a great tool that I have been using at my church since they came out. The Wesleyan insights are well worth the price. Anyone in a Wesleyan or Methodist church should own one of them. Just my opinion.