Tuesday, March 08, 2011

First Spanish MDIV

Yesterday we began a pilot group in what I think might be the first online, contexualized, fully Spanish-speaking MDIV in human history.  We are starting with nine great students, mostly Wesleyan, although we hope we will begin to serve a wide group of Spanish-speaking Christians from across the body of Christ.

I wish I could say my Spanish was ready for this momentous occasion, pero ¡ay! ...

Joanne Solis-Walker is our Directora of this initiative, and she is teaching this week's intensive: El Pastor, La Iglesia, y El Mundo.  Next week we are delighted to have Hugo Magallanes visiting to teach Contextos Culturales del Ministerio.  And all of this has come from the vision of one man, Wayne Schmidt, the head of our seminary.

What a privilege to be part of such incredible things as we wander through this life!

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::athada:: said...

Muy bien hecho! Se que Dios esta usandoles... mas que pueden imaginar. Que sigen adelante amigos.