Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Middle East

What's happening in the Middle East?  We'll have to see.

A first thought is that we are seeing more consequences of the flattening of the world.  With the internet, cell phones, and such, governments can't isolate their people, especially their young people.  And once people get a taste of what is possible, it's hard to deny them.  But this is also a protest against distress as much as an assertion of freedom.

It remains to be seen from country to country what the end result is.  Egypt could end up better.  Libya might just switch dictators.  Some could go more democratic.  Others more fundamentalist.  We'll see.  Thus far these do not seem to be ideologically driven rebellions, just people tired of oppression and economic distress. But what inserts itself into vacuums remains to be seen.

So far, it's exciting to think about what might happen.  For one thing, it would be nice to knock the notion out of so many Americans' heads that all Muslims want to blow us up.


Angie Van De Merwe said...

I have no clue as to how you can be excited about the Middle East! Muslims might not all want to blow us up, but they do want us to live under Shairia law!
Maybe Wesleyans are too close to Shairia law to value the differences that would change the American way of life. And that might be understood as "good" to Wesleyans....I mean, what's the difference in a caliphate taking charge of the world under Shariria? Others might understand it to be "end times", justifying their "revelational knowledge"!

The real world knows that certain Muslim groups are being funded by illegal drug trafficking and other various crimes.

Perhaps the unions can get their hands in the mix, so they can promise "equal pay", bringing social justice. Maybe there will be a peace treaty AGAIN! And, perhaps, like no other time in history, this time the peace treaty will bring peace and good will that will reigns over all the world!

There just seems to be reverse discrimination regarding the Jew and Christian, in an attempt to resolve past precieved discriminations.

Ken Schenck said...

I do not believe that anything close to the majority of Muslims desire to live under Sharia law. I have never heard an expert on the Middle East say anything of this sort. My strong sense is that this is one of many myths in the fear landscape of current American politics.

That is not to say that a minority cannot and has not often taken power. But it may very well be that we will eventually see a very hard time in places like Iran lead to an eventual democracy. The Cheney plan may actually work, although not exactly as planned ;-)

Wesley 'Whitey Lawful' Mcgranor said...

I think it is imperative that we do not seek end-times prophecy out of this. The Evangelicals manage to rally around Israel and despise the Mohammedan - thinking Revolations is taking place. I am more concerened with Atheists, Hindus, spiritism, Papists and new age practises within supposed Protestantism - then i am bewaring the Mid-east for Christ.

Greg Teegarden said...


Nice commentary...

I think you are right. It may take years upon years to see how this all unfolds.
All we can really expect is that it will be messy.

God Bless,

Angie Van De Merwe said...

You agreed with me about "faith and politics" or the separation of Church and State.

Just this morning I heard a Muslim seeking to enter this country and "host a protest" in front of the White House. He wants to see Shairia law implemented in America. Why? Becuase this is the answer to our social problems!!! it is not far from fundamentalist Christianity. No liberty of conscience there....

So apart from what soem expert might suggest, "faith" that is fundamental, no matter the stripe believes that "God" is behind their view/vision. And apart from a "Damascus Road" experience, these will not be persuaded differently (and I won't bet my life on it, even if the evanglicals believe that revivla is just aroung the corner!)....

::athada:: said...

I think an objective observer would see a similar threat of Christian fundamentalism limiting pluralistic, democratic freedoms in the U.S. (you could argue how much it already does) just as we so clearly see the threat of Muslims wanted to "take back Libya/Bahrain/Egypt for Allah."

Of course some principles that are explicitly Christian are also good for culture in general, pluralistic or fundamentalist. Then again, so would the explicitly Muslim principle of giving 1/40th of one's income to the poor. More than the vast majority of Western Christians currently do.

Pray for peace, people everywhere!

Ok, time to get to that copy of "American Fascists" on my shelf...

J M Studios said...
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J M Studios said...

I do believe that god can change the hearts of all people. I do also believe that we as christians need to be aware that there are many forces at work. Whether we are heading into end times or not I cannot say, but unrest in the middle east has always and will always exist till the end. It's talked about in the bible. Jesus is the only one who can bring peace both now in our hearts and in the end.
Sharia law is both scary and real. Many muslims may not want it, but they are also fearful to go against it. I encourage you to check out the book titled "cruel and unusual punishment". It may give you a different perspective on the current happenings.

Craig Moore said...

"For one thing, it would be nice to knock the notion out of so many Americans' heads that all Muslims want to blow us up."

Now where would we have gotten that crazy idea?

Angie Van De Merwe said...

I'm sure Ken would agree that he finds it interesting when people absolutely know what the scripture teach and mean, without consulting those who might have information that would "curl their hair"! Ths same goes for classified information.

I hear many suggesting that the military and government are in colusion in decieving the American people about the dangers to our national security. I am baffled!
Aren't they making such assumptions without having all the information?

Maybe "christians" think that they should ignore history, those with experience and expertise in international affairs, and diplomacy, because what they envision is a "new world". And that vision is directly out of scripture, so it trumps all human knowledge "in the world"! This is dangerous thinking, especially in today's climate!