Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Two New Bible Studies

Wesleyan Publishing House had a good idea to go along with the two books on Paul I'm writing (the first is already out; I am incredibly excited about the second because it will be, as far as I know, the only book that goes through Romans fully bringing Wesleyan theology into dialog with developments in the study of Paul these last thirty years).

The idea WPH had was to have shorter 6 week Bible studies that were like companion pieces to the two Paul books.  Two of the Bible studies are now out: one on Philippians and one on 1 Thessalonians:

What is great about these, I think, is that the parameters for writing were so tight that I had to be very concise in what each snippet of 4 or 5 verses meant and also had to apply every 4 or 5 verses.  I think the result is better for pastors and laypeople than any normal commentary.  You get minute meaning and application virtually paragraph by paragraph.

The constraints of the format made these painful to write but I think they might very well be the most helpful pieces I've written for use in the local church.  I can't wait to write the two on Romans scheduled to come out late next year.

Thank you for enduring a short moment of personal happiness ;-)

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